The best wet dog food

The best wet dog food

Why you’ll love it: Blue Buffalo offers tons of great recipes for both wet and dry dog food, and its formulas are full of natural ingredients.

If you are looking for a high-quality wet dog food, we heartily recommend the Blue Buffalo brand. Not only is Blue Buffalo one of the top manufacturers of natural dog food in general. But it offers four distinct product lines so you can choose the wet food formula that best suits your dog’s needs and preferences. According to, wet dog food may be more expensive than dry food. But it tends to be lower in carbohydrates, higher in moisture, and more palatable for some dogs.

This is why the company uses only the highest-quality natural ingredients in each of its recipes. Blue Buffalo follows a holistic approach to pet nutrition, choosing each of its ingredients carefully to ensure complete and balanced nutrition without the use of any by-products, fillers, or artificial additives. Every recipe goes above and beyond your dog’s minimum nutritional requirements.

In addition to being rated among Dog Food Advisor’s 5-star wet food brands. Blue Buffalo is also a top choice for and DogFood.Guru. In terms of variety, few brands offer as many choices as Blue Buffalo.

The Freedom line of grain-free formulas contains ten recipes and the Basics line of limited ingredient formulas contains nine. There are more than thirty recipes in the Wilderness line of meat-rich formulas and forty-five in the Life Protection Formula lineup.

One thing you should be aware of with the Blue Buffalo brand is that it has several product recalls in its history.

This isn’t terribly surprising, however, for a brand that was founded more than two decades ago and that manufactures hundreds of products.

Pros: US-based company, wide variety of product choices. Every recipe starts with high-quality animal protein, all-natural ingredients with no artificial additives. Recipes designed with a holistic approach to nutrition, every formula contains LifeSource Bits for a boost of nutrition and flavor

Cons: Numerous recalls in brand history. Many recipes contain common proteins and other ingredients that may trigger allergies in some dogs (like chicken, rice, and fish). Recent changes in recipe may cause digestive upset in some dogs

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